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Beyoncé Just Doesn’t Know Who She Is Anymore

Beyoncé and Shakira … or, uh, Shakira and Beyoncé.Courtesy of YouTube

“It was really cool because I don’t even know who is who sometimes — even I get confused!” —Beyoncé, on watching the video for “Beautiful Liar,” where she dances with Shakira [IMDB]

“Three-year-olds everywhere are upset that Dora the Explorer and her friends are being dragged into this.” —Alec Baldwin’s rep Matthew Hiltzik, in response to an Internet video of Dora listening to his client’s infamous voice mail [NYP]

“While Jay and Beyoncé was ‘mmwa, mmwa’ kissin’ / I was cookin’$2 1,000 grams in my kitchen / While Nas was telling Kelis, ‘I love you, boo’/ I was shining my nine / You know how I do” — Lyrics from a recently leaked 50 Cent track, in which he brags about not getting laid [MTV]

“Vince knew he was going to have a bad head. He said, ‘I have so many knots in my head from being hit with chairs. It’s going to look misshapen.’” —Steven Austin (formerly “Stone Cold”), on WWE chairman Vince McMahon, who shaved his head after losing a bet to Donald Trump [Ain’t It Cool News]

“Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge!” —Morgan Freeman, who may or may not sing “Lady Marmalade” in front of the mirror, responds to the question “What’s your favorite DVD?” [


Beyoncé Just Doesn’t Know Who She Is Anymore