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Matt Damon: 9/11 Avenger?

Courtesy of Universal

The Bourne Ultimatum
Tagline: “Bourne Comes Home.”
Translation: Handsome guy. Human killing machine. Post-9/11 New Yorker.

The Gist: Compare the posters for the last two Paul Greengrass movies: United 93’s cool-blue one-sheet offsets a silhouette of the Statue of Liberty against the Manhattan skyline, just as the second plane aims for the World Trade Center. The Bourne Ultimatum poster is strikingly similar: shot in that same cool-blue tint with the bold title printed in a similar font. Only, it’s Matt Damon’s silhouette — instead of Lady Liberty’s — set against the Manhattan skyline, and no Twin Towers. The execution is subtle, but the connection is flat-out audacious: Is Universal, which handled both films, positioning Bourne as a Post-9/11 Avenger? —Logan Hill

The Bourne Ultimatum trailer [Yahoo]

Matt Damon: 9/11 Avenger?