‘Drive’: The Race Is On

Fox’s new series Drive follows competitors in an illegal cross-country road race, all fighting demons from their past, all desperate to win the $32 million prize. Our weekly feature “The Race” boils down who’s winning the most important contest: the one for our interest.


This thrown-together-by-fate pair zooms to first place, driven by Melanie Lynskey’s quirky, intriguing performance as the pistol-wielding, apologetic mother to a missing newborn. Taryn Manning, of course, can play the tough southern chick with a heart of gold in her sleep.


A milquetoast dad with a terminal condition! A Lohan-lite daughter eager to prove her worth! Dylan Baker’s listed as a “Special Guest Star” — does that mean his ticker’s about to give out?


Firefly’s Nathan Fillion is intense as landscaper-with-a-past Alex, who’s on the hunt for his kidnapped wife. Too bad Corrina (Kristin Lehman), meant to be mysterious, is such a drag.


We’re unimpressed with these long-lost brothers, whose prince-and-pauper setup feels contrived. Kevin Alejandro, who plays bad seed Winston, is superhot — too bad he so obviously knows it.


So it’s an illegal road race … with no rules … and a shadowy “them” pulling the strings. Color us unconvinced that the concept will yield much more than endless scenes of people driving really, really fast. We were impressed, though, with how everyone seems to be in on the secret, from the smiling waitress to the creepy trucker with Alex’s wife in the back.


Abandoned by Ivy, these boring New Orleans natives would be dead last if one of them wasn’t played by Michael Hyatt, who showed Lady Macbeth chops as Brianna Barksdale on The Wire.


He’s an AWOL soldier! She’s the buxom gold digger who contrives a million ways to keep him from checking his voice mail! Together, they’re annoying as hell!

‘Drive’: The Race Is On