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File-Sharers Find Björk’s ‘Volta,’ Unicorns Dance Jig

Courtesy of One Little Indian/Atlantic Records

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Björk, Volta

Official release date: May 8

The Internet loves it!: “It explodes, pulses, pounds, marches, and is still tender and sincere … The best record of 2007.” [Rumors From the Kitchen]

The Internet hates it!: “I want to like ‘Declare Independence,’ but the ‘vocals’ are cringe-worthy and I don’t care much for Björk being political … Everything else is really boring.” [Luminous More So]

We think: Intriguing and impenetrable in equal measure, Volta may take some getting used to. The Timbaland-produced space-funk workouts (“Earth Intruders,” “Innocence”) are as interesting and immediate as anything Björk’s ever done. But avant-punk exercises like “Declare Independence” and the aimless “Vertebrae by Vertabrae” could be dangerous on an iPod Shuffle.—Lane Brown

File-Sharers Find Björk’s ‘Volta,’ Unicorns Dance Jig