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‘Frost/Nixon’ Writer Peter Morgan: ‘Big Baby’

Michael Sheen and Frank Langella in Frost/NixonPhoto by Johan Persson/Courtesy of FROST/NIXON

Highlights from John Lahr’s New Yorker profile of Peter Morgan, writer of Frost/Nixon and The Queen:

Best Morgan line about Stephen Frears, director of The Queen: “Stephen’s where I got my confidence. He chose to do my work. There’s not a charitable bone in his body, so clearly it must have been out of self-interest.”

Best Frears line about Morgan: “He’s a big baby. He just has to be dealt with all the time.”

What Morgan inscribed on the signed copy of Frost/Nixon he gave to James Reston Jr. upon whose manuscript of the Frost-Nixon interviews Morgan relied heavily: “Collaborator, fellow conspirator, colleague and friend … without whom this would never, could never have come into being.”

What Morgan said to Lahr about Reston’s manuscript, which is being published by Random House in June: “Quite unreadable.”

‘Frost/Nixon’ Writer Peter Morgan: ‘Big Baby’