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MTV’s ‘Taquita & Kaui’: Our Generation’s ‘Bosom Buddies’

Kaui and TaquitaCourtesy of MTV

What’s happening in the land of reality TV.

• MTV’s Taquita & Kaui is our generation’s Bosom Buddies — with sexier outfits, heavier makeup, and real honest-to-goodness women. Last week, the BFFs continued their Vegas job search with an acting stint at an amusement park, complete with missed entrances, flubbed lines, and wardrobe malfunctions. Somewhere in La La Land, Tom Hanks is clutching his Oscars in a nervous sweat.

• Hef allowed his Girls Next Door to leave the mansion for a weekend snowboarding trip, where they hit the slopes for an hour and spent the rest of their time debating the existence of yetis. Of the three snow bunnies, only Bridget took her title literally. Girlfriend traipsed down the hill in bunny ears and a pinned-on tail, making her falls all the more painful, but, like, totally adorable!

• VH1’s Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School debuted last week, and all your favorites were back to claw, weave-grab, and spit their way to the finest manners possible. Host Mo’Nique may have purged them of their Flav-given monikers, but never fear — while the girls are now using their proper birth names, their catfights and meltdowns are all Pumkin and Bootz.

• The Bachelor’s Andy Baldwin continued his quest for true love with only the most noble and chivalrous of acts: doctoring a lady’s wounded ankle, wining and dining his dates on a Navy ship, and getting rid of Erin — the blondest bachelorette with the fakest of boobs — in the rose-ceremony elimination. With each dorky girl he keeps around, we like him more and more!

Inferno 3’s Good Guys extended their winning streak against the Bad Asses, proving once again that fistfights, cheating, and wicked thick Boston accents nevah win.

• The final four girls on The Search for the Next Doll learned what it really means to be a celebrity: schilling for crappy products. After shooting deodorant commercials, the Pussykittens dished the dirt with Extra’s Mark McGrath. Melissa S. bashed Chelsea’s poor dance skills in her interview, and her cattiness earned her the boot. According to Chelsea, Melissa S. “threw her under the gun.” Yep, the girl can speak about as well as she can move!

• This week on Bravo’s Project Runway Top Design Top Chef Shear Genius, the stylists worked celebrity hairstyles on regular women. Though they succeeded in giving their clients a “Sienna” or “Gwen,” no improvement was made on their own dos — most of the hairdressers were rocking some variation of the “Sanjaya,” “Britney,” or the more timeless “Fran Drescher.”

In a future installment of “The Week in Reality TV”: MTV plans to reunite the cast of The Real World: Las Vegas in their old penthouse apartment, to see what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real old and washed up. —Kate Spencer

MTV’s ‘Taquita & Kaui’: Our Generation’s ‘Bosom Buddies’