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Nicole Kidman, Actual Millionaire, Will ‘Marry a Millionaire’

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Kidman Marries Millionaire: Nicole Kidman will produce and possibly star in a remake of Marilyn Monroe vehicle How to Marry a Millionaire for 20th Century Fox. Story will be “completely overhauled,” according to producers. “The original Millionaire was about a girl who was, frankly, kind of fat,” intoned studio reps. “Nicole is thin and perfect.” [Hollywood Reporter]

Magneto Gets Origin Film: David Goyer will direct Magneto, the origin story of Ian McKellen’s X-Men villain, for 20th Century Fox. McKellen’s participation will be limited; Magneto will be played by an actor in his twenties. McKellen offended: “I can play any age,” he declares. “Gandalf was four hundred and eleventy-seven.” [Variety]

Murphy’s NowhereLand Gets Director: Karey Kirkpatrick (Over the Hedge) will direct Eddie Murphy comedy NowhereLand for Paramount, about a father whose daughter’s imaginary world helps save his career. Murphy will play the father, the daughter, every fat, flatulent character in the imaginary world, and (in a twist) Karey Kirkpatrick. [Variety]

Fat Guy Stuck in Adult Swim: Cartoon Network announces two new shows in Adult Swim block: Superjail and Fat Guy Stuck in Internet, to launch in 2008 and this fall, respectively. Fat Guy created by UCBT favorites John Gemberling and Curtis Gwinn. Start stocking up on primo bud now. [Hollywood Reporter]

Diana Concert Expands: Kanye West, Lily Allen join Elton John and Duran Duran at London memorial concert commemorating Princess Diana’s 46th birthday July 1. “Were Diana alive today, she would not like my music at all,” West says. “Mine either,” adds Allen. [NYT]

Frankenstein Hits Seattle: The Producers 2 Young Frankenstein will play Seattle in its out-of-town tryout in August; musical reunites Producers team of Mel Brooks, Thomas Meehan, and Susan Strohman. Producers hope for Broadway run starting on Halloween. [Variety]

Hedwig Returns to Off Broadway: John Cameron Mitchell and Stephen Trask’s much-loved Hedwig and the Angry Inch will play at the Zipper Theater in October. Open casting call announced for June. Now and forever! [Playbill]

Nicole Kidman, Actual Millionaire, Will ‘Marry a Millionaire’