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Out of the Nest

Looking back on our first week of “feeding off the work of others“:

• You know where to look for comprehensive Baldwin coverage.

• We watched Ugly Betty, Lost, America’s Next Top Model, House, The Shield, American Idol, Heroes, Drive, The Sopranos, and Entourage so you didn’t have to. Plus, a ton of reality TV.

• Take a trip to Harry Potter Land, and identify your daemon.

Clipse, Hot Chip, and Jarvis Cocker put on some great shows. And Björk’s new album wasn’t bad, either.

Chuck Palahniuk’s latest outrage and a fantastic new graphic novel.

Porn stars love Wagner, A.O. Scott hates Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Hunter, and Jonathan Lethem hates black people (according to the hecklers at the EMP Conference).

Opening night of the Tribeca Film Festival, and a Dirty Dancing party.

• We talked to Fall Out Boy about their new bar and to Kevin Connolly about the real-life Ari.

Robert De Niro and David Bowie: enemies! Michael Chabon and Barack Obama: allies!

• Offensive language in hip-hop, from Russell Simmons’s perspective and from the perspective of 400 morons.

Out of the Nest