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Paris Hilton Gets Political. Also: Naked

Paris Hilton Autopsy by Daniel Edwards.Courtesy of Capla Kesting Fine Art

“I think Daniel is really trying to embrace Paris’s stance against youth drunk driving and the dangers that alcohol presents to young women in our society right now,” —Gallery director David Kesting, on Daniel Edwards’s new sculpture, Paris Hilton Autopsy [E!]

“I’m saying to her, ‘Try to say something interesting, try not to use the words ‘mountain’ and ‘lakes’ in your critiques, because it’s always: ‘You’ll climb mountains, you’ll swim lakes, whatever.’” —Simon Cowell, on taunting Paula Abdul during Idol performances [People]

“It’s like I’ve got my body back, all the muscles and all the blood and all the bones.” —Björk, on recording her new album, Volta [NYT]

“I think I’m in a unique position to discuss the sensual aspects of the Tristan and Isolde characters and of opera in general.” —Porn star Savanna Samson, who will discuss Wagner’s opera Thursday on WNYC [NYP]

“It’s a gradual ramping up. My metabolic rate increases an extra heartbeat a minute every two months — so I’ll be dead in a year.” —Conan O’Brien, on preparing to take over The Tonight Show in 2009 [Mercury News]

Paris Hilton Gets Political. Also: Naked