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George Clooney’s Brand Is Politics

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Clooney Goes Political Again: Warner Brothers will remake documentary Our Brand Is Crisis as a dark comedy, with George Clooney potentially directing story of James Carville’s consulting firm and their impact on the 2002 Bolivian election. Carville will be played by Skeletor. [Variety]

Lohan Traded for Sienna: Replacing Lindsay Lohan, Sienna Miller will star as Dylan Thomas’s wife in The Best Time of Our Lives, shooting in May. Co-stars include Cillian Murphy and Keira Knightley. Producers pleased they’re finally getting an actress who’s all about the work. [Variety]

Equus to Broadway: West End revival of Peter Shaffer’s Equus will move to Broadway in spring 2008. Rabid Richard Griffiths fans already in a tizzy, ready to storm the stage and scream at the sight of their hero. Also, Harry Potter is in it. Also, Harry Potter’s wang. [Playbill]

Princess Di, the Dream Ballet: Russia’s Premera dance company will present a ballet based on the life (and death) of Princess Diana. Brit Gillian Lynne will choreograph the work, which will star Ilze Liepa as Di and presumably a dozen dancers as the Deadly Swarm of Paparazzi. [NYT]

Decemberists Go Symphonic: Portland band the Decemberists will perform with full symphony orchestras in five amphitheatres around the country, including DC’s Merriweather Post Pavilion. World-class viola players expected to complain that Colin Meloy’s arrangements are too freaking complicated. [Billboard]

Lifetime Options Updike’s Terrorist: Distaff network will turn John Updike’s unconvincing novel Terrorist into an unconvincing movie-of-the-week. [Publishers Marketplace]

George Clooney’s Brand Is Politics