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‘Notes from the Underbelly’: We Hate Babies. Also: Jokes.

That position’s what got them into this mess in the first placeCourtesy of ABC

America has embraced Lost’s miracle baby, Britney’s third-trimester meltdown with Matt Lauer, and Rosie and Elisabeth’s View-hogging mommy babble. ABC’s latest dramedy Notes From the Underbelly takes the baby-obsession prime time, delving into the world of the expectant — from sexy maternitywear to those sassy, single, baby-hating friends. Will viewers respond to inside jokes geared toward latte-loving hipsters strapped into Baby Bjorns, or is this talented cast doomed not to make it to term? —Kate Spencer

RAVE: “Overall … Underbelly eschews cliché and makes pregnancy surprisingly laughable — including a very funny gag with a breast pump. A phrase I never thought I’d say.” —Gillian Flynn, Entertainment Weekly

RANT:Notes From the Underbelly is a revolting sitcom about pregnancy. Watch and you’ll lose your appetite for life. The characters are alternadads and shopaholics who consider Lost pornography and make sex jokes that belong in 40th-birthday cards by the Har-Dee-Har line.” —Virginia Heffernan, New York Times

‘Notes from the Underbelly’: We Hate Babies. Also: Jokes.