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ABC’s ‘Miss/Guided’: Like Déjà Vu All Over Again

Judy Greer and Kristoffer PolahaCourtesy of ABC

Vulture’s taking a look at some of the most prominent of the picked-up fall TV shows. Which are good? Which are horrible? And most important, which will be worth a precious DVR season pass?

Title: Miss/Guided

Stars: Judy Greer (Arrested Development), Kristoffer Polaha (North Shore), and Brooke Burns (North Shore)

Network: ABC, mid-season replacement

The pitch: Even when you go back to high school as an adult, it’s still high school.

Pilot report: High-school dork Becky Freely (Greer) grows up and returns to her alma mater as a guidance counselor. She has a crush on the shop turned Spanish teacher Tim (Polaha) and is forced to compete with the popular girl, Lisa Germain (Burns), who teaches English. In the pilot, Becky helps some students find dates to the homecoming dance but can’t find the nerve to ask Tim to escort her. When Tim and Lisa go together, Becky spends the evening watching the dance through the window — just as she did in 1989.

Representative dialogue: Paraplegic former classmate on Becky Freely: “I just felt so sorry for her. And I thought she would probably put out.”

Breakout star: The students, who are more believable and compelling than any of the grown-ups.

Worth a season pass? No. Think about how repetitive and predictable teenagers are, then imagine adults acting that way. —Aileen Gallagher

ABC’s ‘Miss/Guided’: Like Déjà Vu All Over Again