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Is Your Band Too Cool for ‘American Idol’?

Your band could wind up in tears, just like LaKisha!Courtesy of Fox

Those who watched American Idol last night didn’t just see poor LaKisha take a bullet for the sin of making the only exciting song Andy Gibb ever wrote as boring as all the other ones. They also saw the birth of a new reality show, as Ryan Seacrest announced that Idol’s producers were launching a show aimed at creating a hit band. Seacrest claimed that they’re looking for any style of music — the video package over the announcement showed the usual white dudes playing guitar but also a brass band and a zydeco group. Yes, Ryan Seacrest, we’re so sure zydeco is going to feature heavily in The Search for the Next Great American Band.

Variety has the official announcement and reveals the show is likely to run in the fall. Idol’s Website now hosts the application as well as eligibility requirements. Of course, if you’re in a fledgling rock-and-roll band, this raises the question: Do you dance with the sell-out devil and apply, or do you treasure your indie cred and steer clear? All over Brooklyn this morning, bassists are loudly scoffing at the bourgeois bullshit of American Idol, while lead singers quietly fill out the application (PDF).

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Is Your Band Too Cool for ‘American Idol’?