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Andrew WK vs. Dr. Lanny Latham: Who’s More Psyched?

This morning, Gothamist introduced us to Dr. Lanny Latham, a life coach whose goal is to make you “Get Psyched!” (He’s currently giving seminars at Rififi.) But how does Latham compare to our all-time favorite optimism champ, party-rocker Andrew WK?

Andrew WK

Dr. Lanny Latham
Catchphrase Party Till You Puke! Get Psyched!
Lecture series “The Joy Trilogy,” in which he discusses “pure fun and total love.” “Get Psyched,” in which he discusses getting psyched.

“I want to have a party! I want to have a party! I want to have a party! You cannot kill the party!” —from “Long Live the Party” 7 Steps to Leading a Better Life: (1) Get Psyched (2) Have Fun (3) Pump It Up (4) Go for It (5) Enjoy (6) Drink Plenty of Fluids (7) Get Psyched.
Inspirational moment “I wanted to give myself a bloody nose, and then take a picture of it [for my album cover]. But my nose didn’t bleed enough after I hit myself with a brick. I had to use this follow-up plan, which was this little water bottle full of pig’s blood that I’d gotten from the butcher shop.” [Ink 19] “I was actually in a dark place when … I looked down an alley and saw a dog whimpering in the corner. It dawned on me that things would be a whole lot better for that dog if it simply got more psyched. So I went up to the dog and told it to ‘get psyched.’ And it worked. The dog started barking like crazy.”
Totally unsurprising news Parties with Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Owns a Psych-odometer™.
Drug of choice Salvia. Self-satisfaction.

Fan testimonial
“I slammed my buddy John against a brick wall and he wasn’t too happy. But then after I played your song for him he totally thought it rocked!” —Coventry Climax, from MySpace “After working with Lanny, I am less paranoid about my neighbors.” —Wayne Storm, from the A-Team
Psychedness rating !!!!!! !!??!

Andrew WK vs. Dr. Lanny Latham: Who’s More Psyched?