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Beyoncé and Kelly Face Off in ‘Vibe’

Two ex-members of Destiny’s Child get profiled back to back in the latest issue of Vibe, on newsstands today. How does Beyoncé’s interview on page 90 compare with Kelly Rowland’s on page 98?

Beyoncé Knowles

Kelly Rowland
Pages Eight. Two.

Seven (plus the cover), taken in a shower, wearing clingy wet halter tops. One, in low-cut but still-modest white dress.
Writer Ostensibly Danyel Smith, Vibe’s editor-in-chief, but with so little directed vision to the Q& A it might as well be Beyoncé herself. Online and entertainment editor Shanel Detrick.
Totally unsurprising news Beyoncé reveals she fights frequently with her manager-father Mathew: “Me and my dad go at it. People would be very surprised.” Solange Knowles, Beyoncé’s sister, wrote Rowland’s song “Love” in an hour.
Choice gush Beyoncé: “I’m like any and every woman.” Smith: “No one is going to believe that, Beyoncé.” “A raw and honest opus,” Detrick calls Rowland’s laughably titled new song, “I’m Still in Love With My Ex.”
Actual wisdom On rumors about friction between her and Jennifer Hudson: “There’s a typical rumor every single time I’m involved with any African-American female … I’ve worked with Britney, I’ve worked with Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and they don’t start that. Whenever it’s two black women it’s … unfortunate.” On sex: “I don’t need it. It’s overrated.”

Mentions of the other
Zero. Four.

Beyoncé and Kelly Face Off in ‘Vibe’