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Call Him Mister JT

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JT Puts On a Suit: Justin Timberlake launches own record label, Tennman Records, a joint venture with Interscope. Ken Komisar, former Sony A&R man, will run the day-to-day. Together, they will bring CorporateBack. [Billboard]

Galapagos Moves to Dumbo: Galapagos Art Space to move from longtime Williamsburg home to former horse stables in Dumbo. “We’re doubling our size and halving our rent,” says Galapagos founder Robert Elmes of the move. [NYT]

Lionsgate Arranges Financing: Lionsgate makes deal arranged by Goldman Sachs for $400 million in financing for such small-scale features as Bug and upcoming 3:10 to Yuma, starring Russell Crowe and Christian Bale. Franchise pictures like Saw and Tyler Perry’s films are exempt from the hedge-fund money. Allow the geniuses in Variety’s Alliterative Subhed Department to break it down: “Mini-studio makes mega money movie move.” [Variety]

Cook Makes No. 2: Dane Cook to star in Bachelor No. 2 for Lionsgate as lunk who specializes in awful dates with recently broken-up women, in order to drive them back to their exes. Howard Deutch will direct, and Cook’s repulsively named production company Superfinger will produce. What do you think about that, Goldman Sachs? [HR]

Eckhart As Guru: Aaron Eckart signs up for Traveling, in which he’ll play a widower turned self-help guru forced to come to terms with his loss. Brandon Camp will direct based on script he wrote with Mike Thompson for Universal. [Variety]

Lohan Enters Rehab: Lindsay Lohan enters intensive rehab facility after incident and arrest over Memorial Day weekend. Her participation in indie dark comedy Poor Things is in question; pic may reschedule or recast. [Variety]

New Orleans Gumshoe to Film: Blue Collar Comedy producers Parallel Entertainment acquire rights to Lew Griffin detective series, written by James Sallis. Well-regarded series follows a black detective in New Orleans. What better company to bring this story sensitively to the screen than the artists behind Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector? [Variety]

Comedy Central Announces Slate: Cable network Comedy Central announces slew of pilots in development, including Held Up, Jamie Tarses–produced character comedy set during a bank robbery turned hostage crisis; David Allen Grier’s Chocolate News, seemingly intended to be The Daily Show meets Dave Chappelle; and The Watch List, comedy about Arab-American men that jumps from network’s Website. [Variety]

Hammond in Bee: Saturday Night Live cast member Darrell Hammond will join cast of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee over summer hiatus, playing the word-defining vice principal. It’s a great opportunity to do a musical without much of that pesky singing or dancing. [Variety]

Call Him Mister JT