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Exclusive Comics Excerpt: ‘King City’

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In King City, a semi-futuristic metropolis full of spy gangs, alien porn, and reasonably priced diners, Joe the thief is alone… except for his cat. With a simple injection, Joe’s cat can be anything: a deadly weapon, a periscope, or even a cuddly companion…

All week on the Comics Page, we’re excerpting Brandon Graham’s King City, a stylish and ridiculous English-language manga out this month from Toyopop.

King City, by Brandon Graham

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five

What happens next? Check out King City, out this month from Tokyopop.

Next week: Picasso! Gertrude Stein! Gauguin! Absinthe! Murder!

Exclusive Comics Excerpt: ‘King City’