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Exclusive Comics Excerpt: ‘Toupydoops’

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Los Angeles has always been the city of dreams. But what if comics were bigger than movies, Peter Parker was a bigger star than Tom Cruise, and Hollywood was where aspiring comic-book characters went to make their dreams come true? And what if you were a blue-skinned aspiring comic-book star, but the best you could do was a lowly assistant job at a comics publisher?

All week on the Comics Page, we’re excerpting Kevin McShane’s Toupydoops, the hilarious story of blue-skinned Toupydoops and his best friend Teetereater in an alternate L.A. not so far away from reality. Toupydoops: Volume 1 will be published June 27 by Lobrau Productions.

Toupydoops, by Kevin McShane

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Exclusive Comics Excerpt: ‘Toupydoops’