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Coming Soon: The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Spatula

Lauren GrahamPhoto by Getty Images

“We’re totally doing the Gilmore Girls movie. I’m never, ever going to do anything else. There’s Gilmore Girls: The Musical. The line of clothing called Lorelai. And the perfume called Stars Hollow.” —Lauren Graham, responding to fans who want the show to continue forever [TV Guide]

“There’s something very intimate about being next to someone who you don’t know that well when they’re unconscious.” —Miranda July, referring to a short story from her new book, No One Belongs Here More Than You [VV]

“I knew that I could join them, and I could turn my openness about my treatments into a potential call to action for people who were interested in maintaining their looks, but [who] need to know how to do this in the right way.” — Virginia Madsen, on her noble duties as an official Botox spokesperson [People]

“It’s difficult when you’re young [to be a good father]. You’re making one picture after another, one woman after another. You’re pretty involved with yourself. I hope Anne doesn’t read this.” — Kirk Douglas, whose wife has probably grown tired of reading his interviews by now [CNN]

“Don’t you get a swollen head, don’t show off, and don’t you complain about all the cigarette smoke in the theatre.” —Julie Andrews, on advice her mother gave her [Dark Horizons]

Coming Soon: The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Spatula