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Celebrities Love Freedom, Evening Gowns

Lucy Liu and Zac PosenPhoto by Getty Images

The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art held its annual gala last night, kicking off the Institute’s new exhibit, “Poiret: King of Fashion,” and our friends at Daily Intel noticed that some celebrity attendees took the party’s theme, “Freedom,” too literally: “Paul Poiret famously released women from the confines of corsets. And perhaps in his honor, or at least continuing in his tradition, Jessica Simpson nearly busted out of her Roberto Cavalli dress, while the usually well-dressed Julianne Moore was thisclose to having a nip slip in her white tuxedo blazer.” Check out other photos — Cameron Diaz! Sandra Bullock! Kirsten Dunst! Lucy Liu! — and judge for yourself in their Costume Institute slideshow.

Costume Institute Celebrates Freedom, Almost Literally
[Daily Intel]

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Celebrities Love Freedom, Evening Gowns