‘Ugly Betty’: Keepin’ It Real?

Courtesy of ABC

Ugly Betty embraced its girl power last night: There was girl-on-girl fighting (in prison!), boy-on-girl fighting (in stairwells!), and trannies versus Brazilians (trannies! Brazilians!). And a mechanical bull. Plus, as always, there was fashion. How does the show’s glittery disco world of style compare to the real thing?

1. On TV, models have boobs.
Maybe we’re a little rack obsessed, but every model on the show has a rocking pair. If you’ve ever seen a runway show, you’ll know that most catwalkers are coat hangers. Show us some ribs next week!

2. Male editors are sleazy, smarmy sex fiends.
We’re not saying this is necessarily a lie, but not every straight editor in fashion is out to bone the hot girls. (But, hey, if they’re smart …) We love Daniel Meade, but his sex addiction is getting a bit played out — much like his almost-floppy-yet-never-moving hair. Maybe the producers can shave him? We can dream.

3. Glasses equal dorky.
Who wears frames on the show? Betty and her geeky crush, Henry. Okay, people, glasses are kind of hot. Can we stop defining nerds by their sheer magnification powers? Say it loud, you’re myopic and proud.

4. Food is your friend.
Some of us were once chastised for eating candy while working at a well-known fashion magazine, and we’ve heard bosses loudly proclaim that they can’t be in the office until lunch is over (to avoid the mere scent of food). So how do they get to eat so much on the show? We’re jealous. The little receptionist popped candy, shoved fistfuls of mozzarella sticks (we counted five) into her mouth, and gnawed on a giant chicken leg — in one episode! We have to go throw up now.

And yet, we learned two very valuable lessons from the episode: One, Judith Light is kind of hot in a prison jumpsuit, and two, drugs are always a good replacement for sex. —Amina Akhtar

‘Ugly Betty’: Keepin’ It Real?