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Crowd Violence Plagues Arcade Fire, Boston Pops

People talk all the time about violence in the crowd at hip-hop shows. But what about indie rock? The Gowanus Lounge chronicles what happened at Wednesday night’s Arcade Fire show at Radio City Music Hall when bandleader Win Butler called on fans to come up to the stage:

te>”Jesus Fucking Christ,” he said. “Come up here. What can they do to you?”

What they could do, it turned out, was rush you, jump you, beat you and drag you from Radio City in a headlock.

And we wouldn’t be caught dead among the balding, shirtless thugs at the Boston Pops’ opening night, featuring Ben Folds!

Someone needs to take a serious look at the culture of violence at orchestral light music concerts. Who is brave enough to face this problem head on?

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Crowd Violence Plagues Arcade Fire, Boston Pops