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Damon Dash Identifies With Spider-Man

Damon Dash in AprilPhoto by Getty Images

Forget the fact that it flunked its Tomatometer reading: Spider-Man 3 is deep. At least according to Damon Dash. We caught up with the multitasking hip-hop guru and media mogul last night at MoMA’s annual Party in the Garden, honoring Martin Scorsese and Leon and Debra Black, and learned a few things about his movie tastes.

What are some of your favorite Martin Scorsese films?
Mean Streets, Casino, Goodfellas.

Can you handle the violence?
You kidding? I need a little more, actually!

Is there any kind of violence you can’t handle?
Kids getting hurt and dying. I don’t like that.

Are you looking forward to any movies this summer?
Transformers. No, just kidding. Lemme think … The Simpsons? I’m looking forward to taking my daughter to see Shrek. It’s the year of the kid movie. Spider-Man was surprisingly deep this time.

What was deep about it?
How he became self-absorbed without realizing it, how it affected his girl. And being able to forgive. Shit like that. All of that [and] the special effects.

Did you identify with any of Peter Parker’s issues?
Probably the part about being self-absorbed and not realizing it. I might be Spider-Man on the wall! [Laughs.] —Mina Hochberg

Damon Dash Identifies With Spider-Man