‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Putting Your Love to the Test

Grey’s Anatomy

Testing 1-2-3
Season 3 Episode 24
Derek and Hottie

All of our favorite interns are intensely studying for their big exam. But our eager beavers still have time to fight, cry … and love. No. 2 pencils out!

Callie and George and Izzie
Seattle Grace’s most implausible love triangle: George is accepted to Mercy West’s intern program. Callie does an awkward celebration dance, after which there’s a close-up of George looking disturbed (about his decision to leave and probably about the fact that his wife could crush him in a boxing match). Callie sees George and Izzie together. Much glowering ensues. Izzie says she doesn’t have feelings for him; no one, including George, believes this. Callie continues to suspect there’s something going on between Izzie and George. We’d like them to hurry along this plotline. Callie, walk in on them kissing, already! Come on! Next week: Izzie tells George she loves him. Callie tells George she wants a baby. We tell George to grow a pair.

Meredith and Derek
This love affair proceeds to unravel, because of the fact that Meredith is the most depressing person on earth. So weepy, so forlorn. At one point it looks like she should really blow her nose. Get a tissue, lady! Gross. Meredith doesn’t answer any of the questions on the intern test (because she’s DEPRESSED, we get it), but the Chief lets her retake the test and give her a hug. She cries. Okay, fine, and so do we. Derek looks tired. We’re with you, pal. He’s approached by a hot woman at the bar, who offers to buy him a drink, which he declines. “Too bad,” she purrs. “Maybe you’re right,” he replies. Ohhhhhh, shit. Next week: Derek tells Meredith she should be worried about the hottie. We think there’s something more to this woman than they’re letting on.

Jane Doe and Alex
Jane Doe continues to lie about not remembering anything until Alex calls her out on it. In other news, they finally fixed her teeth! Thank the good Lord. We find out that Jane was in a boring marriage and she left her husband, a woodworker. Couldn’t they have given him a more normal profession? An accountant, maybe? Whatever. Jane Doe’s real name is Rebecca Pope. Alex still has the hots for her, and we’re still going to call her Jane Doe. Next week: We’ll probably learn more about Jane’s shady past. And, really, Jane, please learn to enunciate. We can’t understand anything you say.

Addison and her dried-up eggs
After learning last week that she’s all dried up, Addison is “stalked by pregnant women.” First, there’s Joe and his boyfriend’s birth mother, played by Waverly from Friday Night Lights. Did Smash knock her up? Heh. Then we learn that Adele, the Chief’s estranged wife, is pregnant. She’s 52, and we’re not sure who the baby daddy is. Next week: Addison wears a dress, and she’s still not pregnant.

Cristina and Preston
It’s the day before the wedding, but Cristina hasn’t written her vows and won’t speak to Preston for more than five seconds (“It’s test day!”). Preston asks Derek to be the best man, and he plans the lamest bachelor party we’ve ever seen. He invites Addison?! She doesn’t strip. Next week: Wedding-bell blues. Will Cristina go though with it? We’re thinking yes. Plus, Preston’s mom shaves off Cristina’s eyebrows. If you thought Sandra Oh couldn’t get any weirder-looking, tune in next Thursday! —Emma Rosenblum

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Putting Your Love to the Test