‘Heroes’: Brain Squeeze!

Linderman (Malcolm McDowell) is a bit touched in the head.Courtesy of NBC

All-time most awesome villain death scenes in pop-culture history:

1. Linderman gets his brain smushed inside his head by D.L. on last night’s Heroes.
2. Billy Zane’s death via flare to the face in Dead Calm.
3. The Mayor turns into gigantic demon snake, is blown up by dynamite on Buffy.
4. Everything else.

Wow, that was truly disgusting. Especially that trick Malcolm McDowell’s eyeballs did just before he fell! How did he do that? We guess that’s what separates the great actors from the merely good ones: control over one’s instrument.

All in all, it was a dangerous night on Heroes; besides Linderman’s brain squeeze, we also saw D.L. shot in the chest, bad-guy Thompson (Eric Roberts) shot in the head, and Ted getting Sylar-ed. (Good thing his sitcom just got picked up!) The poor candidates opposing Nathan Petrecelli in his House race were buried in a landslide, thanks to a little help from Micah, who had a word or two with the voting machines. (Yet another reason to do away with touch-screen voting — it’s more susceptible to tampering by superheroes!) And Hiro was subjected to the rigors of his very own training montage, facing off with his father (George Takei) for maybe an hour of sparring, after which everyone nodded and agreed that Hiro was now totally ready to kill Sylar.

Sylar himself ended the episode by standing on the roof, firing up Ted’s jazz hands, and preparing (it seems) to go nuclear on the city of New York. Next week can’t come soon enough.

‘Heroes’: Brain Squeeze!