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‘Heroes’ Fans Swarm the Internets

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We told you what we thought of last night’s Heroes finale, but what did the hive mind of the World Wide Web conclude?

Ain’t It Cool News commenter Arashikage thinks the final fight was awful: “Peter used no powers against Sylar and Hiro just ran a sword through him like he was a chump. Weak. I thought maybe they weren’t ever showing Peter and Sylar throw down because they were saving it for this show, but we get the Jedi choke and a few punches. Weak weak weak!” [Ain’t It Cool News]

Television Without Pity commenter TheDervish agrees: “It vaguely reminded me of one of those old martial arts flicks where one guy is surrounded by a dozen opponents, and the multiple opponents dance around the one guy while one opponent fights the one guy, opponent is dispatched, then one new opponent attacks the one guy while the other opponents continue to dance around the one guy.” [Television Without Pity]

Heroes producer Tim Kring and star Hayden Panetierre blogged on and addressed the oft-recurring question of whether the show will ever allow the Peter-Claire worshippers a moment of joy:

te>Hayden: What’s creepier? The fact that he’s mid 20s and I’m 17, or that he’s my uncle?

Tim: Both.

Hayden: We’ll have to do some crazy dream sequence.

Ew! []

Meanwhile, E! Online’s Kristin has some spoilers for next season, including information on who lives and who dies. [Watch With Kristin]

Many commenters, including Television Without Pity’s Sketch, think Peter couldn’t fly away because he was too occupied trying to keep himself from exploding to exert another power: “It’s a power proven to be very tempermental [sic], and Ted himself wasn’t able to get a hang of it for the longest time — and it’s not like he’d be able to paint a picture while going Chernobyl or anything, heh.” [Television Without Pity]

And TV Squad commenter Cody puts it all into perspective: “I thought this episode was awesome! Nerds will never be satisfied no matter what you do.” [TV Squad]

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‘Heroes’ Fans Swarm the Internets