‘Heroes,’ Season Two: Our Obsessive Guide

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As you can tell, we’re plenty geeked out about Heroes, and sad the season’s over. Luckily, last night’s season-one finale offered plenty of tantalizing hints as to where the NBC hit might go in its second year.

Of course, there was the obvious: The last few minutes of last night’s episode were made up of the first few minutes of season two, as Hiro landed in 1671 Japan — and into the middle of face-off between a red-clad group of warriors and a blue-clad rider, presumably Hiro’s hero, Takezo Kensei himself.

But there were plenty of other season-two questions raised by season one’s finale:

What significance does the eclipse have? The episode ends with a solar eclipse, just like the one in the show’s main titles — something that’s barely been referenced since the series’ opening episode.

What connection does Takezo Kensei have to the heroes? As he faces off against the warriors, Kensei carries a banner featuring the same insignia seen on many of the heroes in season one.

What are the superpowers of the elder characters in Heroes? We know Linderman could heal. But what about Charles Deveaux, Simone’s father, whom we learned this episode was associated with the elder generation of heroes? What about Angela Petrelli? What about Hiro’s father, Kaito Nakamura? What are his powers, other than being able to train Hiro in samurai skills using only the power of montage?

Is Sylar really dead? Just before we leapt into “Volume Two,” we saw a trail of blood leading from the place Hiro stabbed Sylar to an open manhole cover, and a cockroach crawling on the cover — just like the roach Sylar focused on while imprisoned in Primatech Paper way back in episode twelve.

And, even if Sylar’s alive, who’s the next villain? Molly, the “tracking system” child whose life is saved by Mohinder, says there’s just one person she can’t track, someone “a lot worse” than Sylar: “When I think about him, he can see me.”

Only like four months to go until season two!

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‘Heroes,’ Season Two: Our Obsessive Guide