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Lindsay Lohan Strips, We Sigh

Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Sony’s July release I Know Who Killed Me stars Lindsay Lohan as a woman who is rescued after being abducted and tortured by a serial killer. Fanboy sites everywhere have been buzzing since Lohan told David Letterman that she plays a stripper in the film. And now that Sony’s Website for the movie has posted grainy clips on a fake serial-killer “video blog,” those same sites are going insane. Are we the only ones who just find it disappointing that a once-promising actress is playing this role in what seems like such a trashy movie? Maybe we’re wrong, and maybe this will turn out to be a Silence of the Lambs–style masterpiece. But the creepy narration and shots of a bra-clad Lohan “stripping,” Hollywood style, sure don’t play that way.

We wonder what Joss Whedon will have to say about this one.

I Know Who Killed Me [Official site]
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Lindsay Lohan Strips, We Sigh