‘Lost’: Die, Charlie, Die!


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Season 3 Episode 21

Charlie and DesmondCourtesy of ABC

After so many months of not hearing Drive Shaft’s “You, All, Everybody,” we almost missed how the song gets stuck in our head … and remains there for the rest of the week. Last night was another Charlie flashback episode — and a well-earned one, since he’s apparently about to kick the bucket. This time, Desmond told him that he had to die in order for everyone else to be rescued. So will Charlie actually be leaving Hawaii … er, the island?

Theory # 1 Yes. Obviously, Charlie learned nothing from his time as a Hobbit: The “DS” ring that his brother gave him is cursed! Liam passed on this family “heirloom” (it looks like a cheapie, faux-goth flea-market purchase to us) to Charlie because he thought he’d never kick his heroin habit and have a family of his own. What happened then? He kicked his heroin habit and started a family of his own — and Charlie got hooked. Now Charlie left the ring in Baby Aaron’s crib, possibly dooming the little fella to a life of bad Brit-pop and smack.

Theory # 2 No. The underwater radio tower that Charlie has to get to in order to switch off the Others’ interfering signal is called the Looking Glass. That, coupled with the preponderance of white rabbits — in last week’s episode, Ben had a pet bunny and this week Alex is gutting one for Carl — makes us think maybe Charlie’s going to Wonderland. That is, crossing over to the Others’ side.

Theory # 3 Depends on how well Dominic Monaghan and Evangeline Lilly are getting along. Kate isn’t leaving the show anytime soon and surely she wouldn’t be too happy without her rumored fiancé on set.

Next week: The survivors face off against the Others! (Yes, we said that last week, but we were totally misled by the coming attractions). —Phoebe Reilly

‘Lost’: Die, Charlie, Die!