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‘Lost’ Announces Endgame

Lost’s Terry O’Quinn checks out his 401(k).Courtesy of ABC

The End of Lost: In uncommon move, ABC has announced Lost will run for just three more seasons of sixteen episodes each, and then end. Show runners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse are onboard for the duration. Cast members resign themselves to three more years living in paradise. [Variety]

HBO CEO Arrested: Chris Albrecht, head of HBO, brought in for domestic-abuse charge after altercation with girlfriend in front of MGM Grand in Las Vegas. [Variety]

Ending With Mason: Marsha Mason will star in Playwrights Horizons production of The Feminine Ending, Sarah Treem’s play about a hotshot young composer who must deal with a difficult mother. In a world where young composers can be called “hotshots”… [Variety]

Sheik, Jarrow Sign for New Musical: Stamford Center commissions untitled musical from Spring Awakening’s Duncan Sheik and A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant’s Kyle Jarrow. Musical, about ghosts and lighthouses along the Eastern Seaboard during World War II, seems too awesome to make fun of. [Playbill]

DreamWorks Makes Bones: DreamWorks, in association with Film 4, beats out Sony, Warner Brothers, and Universal to make Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones, paying the full $65 million but receiving worldwide distribution rights. Though we wouldn’t have spent that kind of money on such a wan script, we’re excited Jackson’s making another movie. [Variety]

Benioff Revamps Gemini: David Benioff (The 25th Hour) will rewrite The Gemini Man, long-in-development Jerry Bruckheimer project about a hit man fighting his own clone. Benioff will pocket $2 million for the project. If the literary world wants Benioff back, they’re gonna have to find a way to pay him $2 mil to write one of their pieces of shit. [Variety]

Allen on Corporate Retreat: Tim Allen signs with Disney to star in and produce Yosemite Three, a corporate-retreat comedy in the vein of Wild Hogs. According to the Hollywood Reporter, “plot details are being kept under wraps,” but we bet you can figure them out if you think about it for three seconds. [HR]

Yet Another Shrek: Mike Mitchell in negotiations to direct fourth Shrek film. Mitchell, director of Deuce Bigelow: Male Gigolo, has animation experience, having directed an episode of SpongeBob last year. He’ll try his hand at the fourth money-printing exercise in the series, better known as “The movie that will make DreamWorks feel better about blowing $65 million on The Lovely Bones.” [HR]

Borat’s Brother Has Kazakh Debut: Erran Baron Cohen, brother of Sacha Baron Cohen, composes new music for the West Kazakhstan Philharmonic Orchestra. Erran wrote music for his brother’s movie, Borat. Is there an emoticon for “agog at the whims of fate”? [NYT]

New Order Apparently Broken Up: New Order’s Peter Hook confirms split with Bernard Sumner on British radio station. We wipe away a single, perfect, computer-generated tear. [Pitchfork]

‘Lost’ Announces Endgame