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Marilyn Manson Album Leaks, Vampires High-Five

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Marilyn Manson, Eat Me, Drink Me

Official release date: June 5

The Internet loves it! “This album is very well put together … Very guitar riff-y [and] he sings a lot, not screams … [It] could be one of his best.” [Digitydon]

The Internet hates it!: “[A]fter the first listen I was disappointed … I think the problem was that I wanted [it to be] another Antichrist Superstar… Manson can do better.” [MarkManson88]

We think: Trading the usual synth-metal acrimony for post-punk guitars and memorable hooks, Eat Me sounds sort of like Satan jamming with Interpol. Manson’s bloodcurdling croon helps make tracks like “If I Was Your Vampire” and “Mutilation Is the Sincerest Form of Flattery” as good as their titles. All in all, a pretty great sixth record by a guy who still remembers how to shock us. —Lane Brown

Marilyn Manson Album Leaks, Vampires High-Five