Marilyn Manson Is Down With That Karma Stuff

The blue eye watches you while you sleep …Photo by Getty Images

The latest MP3s to hit the blogs.

1. Marilyn Manson, “What Goes Around … Comes Around” (Justin Timberlake cover)
Just because he worships Satan and eats puppies doesn’t mean Marilyn Manson can’t appreciate himself a little JT. [The Music Slut]

2. The Shins, “Strange Powers” (live Magnetic Fields cover)
These days, James Mercer and crew are changing people’s lives all the way to the bank. But they still remember being four penniless, Albuquerquean Stephen Merritt fans. [You Ain’t No Picasso]

3. Keane, “With or Without You” (U2 cover)
Not even the most boring guy in rock and roll can screw this one up. [The Music Slut]

4. The Game, Unreleased Doctor’s Advocate songs
The fact that he withheld these four Dr. Dre–produced tracks from last year’s Advocate makes it even harder to justify the inclusion of that will.i.am beat. [Nah Right]

5. Queens of the Stone Age, “Make It Wit Chu”
Josh Homme may not be known for piano-driven sex jams sung in falsetto, but he wrote this one anyway. [Idolator]
Lane Brown

Marilyn Manson Is Down With That Karma Stuff