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Michael Cera Giving Judd Apatow Everything He Can Give

In this leaked, never-before-seen outtake from the early days of shooting Knocked Up, Michael Cera — the original, bankable star of the comedy, whose box-office clout is unmatched among Hollywood’s young screen icons — clashes with director Judd Apatow while co-star Katherine Heigl looks on in horror. The whole story of Cera’s dismissal from Knocked Up might never be told, owing to pending litigation, but it’s clear from this clip that Cera’s performance was brilliant: He could do high energy, he could do low energy, and he could do the middle one.

While eleventh-hour replacement Seth Rogen is perfectly fine in the final film, we can only dream of the emotional roller coaster Cera might have taken us on. And it’s clear that Apatow’s outrageous decision has hamstrung the box-office potential of Knocked Up. Who’s going to want to see it now?

EDIT: Yes, we got it.

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Michael Cera Giving Judd Apatow Everything He Can Give