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Nelly Furtado to Sing with Middle Earth Warlords

Nelly FurtadoPhoto by Getty Images

“We keep arguing over names. I want these really weird, subversive names, and [Timbaland] wants these mysterious, like, Lord of the Rings kind of names.” —Nelly Furtado, on the rock band she’s forming with Timbaland [Billboard]

“My children were born after both my parents were dead and my daughter one day asked me, ‘What did grandma look like?’ And I said, ‘OK, let me turn on the TV.’ And I switched the channel and said: ‘Oh there she is.’ Then I thought, not many people can do this … ‘You wanna see Grandma?’” —Isabella Rossellini, on having Ingrid Bergman for a mother [Guardian]

“This just goes to show how hard it is to be Lindsay Lohan, who’s even denied her privacy in the sacred confines of a ladies room stall and then must fend off the slings and arrows of false allegation.” —Attorney Mike Heller on his client, the modern-day Hamlet [IMDB]

“I understand that a politician would want to avoid being photographed in front of Britney Spears’ crotch.” —Artist Jamie Boling, whose reproduction of the panty-less Spears was covered when Barack Obama visited a Richmond, Virginia, art gallery [In Rich]

“Many, many people did not watch Arrested Development, but the few who did are handing out some nice jobs in L.A.” — Jason Bateman, on his recent success in Hollywood [TV Guide]
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Nelly Furtado to Sing with Middle Earth Warlords