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Overheard: What Did You Think of the Arcade Fire Show?

The Cult of Arcade Fire gained a few more members last night at the United Palace Theater, where the huge Neon Bible light show matched the opulence of the renovated theater-cum-church-cum-theater. Riling up the crowd, the band tossed snare drums, shook their shoulder tassels, and haphazardly used a megaphone that at one point sounded like a fire alarm in the overpacked venue. How did the fans respond?

Jeff Frankovic, 24
Assistant to finance adviser for the ACLU, Clinton Hill
“The megaphone was great. They’re definitely going for more of an arena sound: It’s bigger, but it’s also more introverted and somber at the same time.”

Matt Takach, 21
Student, Providence, R.I.
“My favorite song is ‘No Cars Go.’ I didn’t know that Richard Reed Perry played so many damn instruments. I know he won an Indy award as a guitarist, but I didn’t know he played 500 other different things.”

Erica Rolo, 21
Student, Brooklyn
“I didn’t know there were like 47 people in the band. I thought like maybe there was eight!”

Kevin Kahawai, 30
Drummer, Williamsburg
“Their second album has a lot of criticism of what’s going on in America and the world at large, but it also seems very prophetic, like [singer Win Butler’s] speaking as a preacher.”

Gloria Douek, 24
School Psychologist Intern, Brooklyn
“I liked the way the atmosphere matched the music. I felt like you were in some weird funky church and you were being indoctrinated into a cult of musical geniuses.” —Janelle Nanos

Overheard: What Did You Think of the Arcade Fire Show?