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Putting the Wine Back in Winehouse

Winehouse at Coachella.Photo by Getty Images

“Thank you all very much. I didn’t even have time to get drunk — I’ve only been here about 15 minutes.”
Amy Winehouse, accepting her Ivor Novello songwriting award for “Rehab” [CNN]

“In my life, I ignore my fears too often, but then I’m left with nothing to challenge the best of me. I just remain cowering from my true identity. There is no discovery.” —Jessica Simpson, philosopher [People]

“’The SIMS has done an interactive version of an old story, which is what it’s like to have infinite power and how do you deal with it. Given that that’s an old story, you can imagine how easily that would translate to traditional story telling.”
SIMS studio head Rod Humble, explaining the SIMS movie in terms we still don’t understand [Variety]

“I am by no means interested in the wholesale slaughter of 10,000 names here. How many people do I really expect to come out of this? Twenty-five to 100.” —D.C. madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey, showing some mercy when it comes to exposing her johns [NYDN]

“I’d skydive over the Rose Bowl with a streamer if someone told me it would work.” —Al Gore, on reaching people through every medium available [LAT]
Lindsey Thomas

Putting the Wine Back in Winehouse