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R. Kelly Album Leaks, Fans Do Something We Can’t Print!

Courtesy of Jive Records

What’s new on the file-sharing networks this week.

R. Kelly, Double Up

Official release date: May 29

The Internet loves it! “I hope people don’t stay hung up on his behind-the-scenes sexual interests (no matter how scary they are) and can put this on over the summer, because it is begging to be played at any party you’re at.” [Breakfast for the Block]

The Internet hates it! “R. Kelly doesn’t stray away from content that has garnered him his fortune (the club scene, and having sex) … It’s more of the same, but just not as fantastic. I wouldn’t buy it.” [Zilla Says]

We think: At this point, the quality of R. Kelly’s work is mostly contingent on its ridiculousness, and with songs like “Havin’ a Baby” (in which he forges a hook out of a Lamaze technique) and “Sex Planet” (sample lyric: “Baby my rocket is so full of fuel!”), Double Up delivers enough horny surrealism to satisfy the most discerning absurdist. The album’s most inane moments come on “Real Talk,” as Kelly reacts incredulously to a girlfriend’s accusations of, well, pretty much everything he admits to on the other eighteen tracks. Luckily, it doesn’t sound like she’s heard about his impropriety at the zoo … yet. —Lane Brown

R. Kelly Album Leaks, Fans Do Something We Can’t Print!