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Shrek Princess Hooked on Heroin

Amy Sedaris with her alter ego, Shrek’s CinderellaCourtesy of DreamWorks

“Oh, gosh. Probably living alone, a junked-up junkie … Can you imagine Cinderella going, ‘You’re the one with the problem! You are!” —Amy Sedaris, on what her character will be doing in Shrek 4 [CNN]

“We went through two organists. The first guy actually made a deathbed promise to his mother that he would not play live music for movies with nudity in them, so he had to bow out.” —Guy Maddin, on finding live musicians for his silent movie, Brand Upon the Brain! [AV Club]

“If somebody wants me to play a role in a movie or something, with the right coaching and prices, I definitely will do it!” —America’s Next Top Model third runner-up Dionne Walters, offering her services [TV Guide]

“It’s a hard riff to play, and if you keep playing it for an hour, your arm hurts.” —Korn’s Munky, testifying to the brutality of the band’s new material [VH1]

“My whole mantra is ‘It doesn’t matter how big I get, there’s always the smell of cow s—.’ Because on my first tour, we played all these rodeos, and there literally was cow s— everywhere. But maybe God puts the cow s— there to drive me. Maybe it’s there to push me.” —Kelly Clarkson [EW]

Shrek Princess Hooked on Heroin