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Six ‘Lost’ Theories We Hadn’t Considered Yet

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Today, USA Today’s blog Pop Candy culled the best theories and comments from its awesomely massive Lost discussion thread. If your attention span is too short to even read the condensed version, we bring you The Best of the Best of Pop Candy’s Lost Discussion Thread. We promise it’s shorter than that title.

1. “Walt was a manifestation of Jacob, telling Locke to pick up where Ben has failed.”

2. “I think the lady Jack saved [from the car crash] was Julliete’s sister. That was her kid that had aged 5 years.”

3. “Did anyone other than me catch Ben’s slip? He told Jack that, if he calls the ship, ‘Every LIVING person on this island will be killed.’ Anyone but me think that the ‘living’ was injected purposely? Especially with all of the info lately about no survivors from the flight … wow!”

4. “Kate says at the end, ‘He’s going to be wondering where I am.’ Does she mean Sawyer? Or does she mean a child? She did mention Juliet tested her for being pregnant.”

5. “What if [the ending] isn’t Jack’s flash forward, maybe it’s Locke’s. Maybe Locke sees Jack’s future as Desmond was seeing Charlie’s, and that’s why he says to Jack that he isn’t supposed to do this.”

6. “Minkowski is the name of the man on the freighter on the other end of the satellite phone when Jack calls. Minkowski likely refers to Hermann Minkowski, the early twentieth century German mathematician-physicist who described time as a FOURTH DIMENSION.”

’Lost’ in a Flash: The Top 20 Finale Comments [Pop Candy/USAT]

Six ‘Lost’ Theories We Hadn’t Considered Yet