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Sting’s Lyrics to Be Book; Our 14-Year-Old Self to Buy Three Copies

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Sting Sells Off Lyrics: Irwyn Applebaum and Susan Kamil at Dial Press buy book of lyrics and commentary by Sting from agent Joel Gotler, to be published concurrent with Police reunion tour. Book will cost $175, will go on sale Sunday morning at ten, and will sell out in eleven minutes. [Publishers Marketplace]

First Virginia Tech Book Deal: Tech journalism professor Roland Lazenby and three students will write April 16: Heartbreak in Blacksburg for Plume’s Cherise Davis. Some proceeds will go to victims’ fund. Given how much the coverage was driven by student reporting, we’re pleased that the first book will be too. [Publishers Weekly]

Levy Back, Way Back: Night at the Museum’s Shawn Levy will direct The Way Back for Searchlight. The script, which was pulled out of an unpromising pile of material and green-lit in less than three weeks, is a gentle coming-of-age set at a water park. Writers are Nat Faxon and Jim Rash; from his photo, we’ve determined the improbably named Faxon is That Guy From Those Ads. Click on the link and you’ll see what we mean. [Variety]

HBO Goes to Africa: Pay net green-lights half-hour comedy series about a woman who quits her job and leaves her husband in favor of NGO work in Africa. South Park writer Jane Bussmann is untitled series’ creator. “I’m not making jokes about child soldiers,” Bussmann says. “I’m making jokes about some of the people who go to help child soldiers.” Yikes! [Variety]

Yo La Tengo Bangs on a Can: Indie-rock trio Yo La Tengo joins this year’s Bang on a Can Marathon in the Winter Garden June 2 and 3. Avant-garde music festival also features Juana Molina, Dalek, and the Books. Come for the kids’ art projects, stay for the atonal percussive skronk! [Pitchfork]

More Wilmer!: Wilmer Valderrama signs development deal with Fremantle Productions, company behind American Idol, to create and star in reality and scripted shows. We’ve already pitched our idea for the Wilmer Smile-Time Family Variety Hour, so don’t bother. [LAT]

Sting’s Lyrics to Be Book; Our 14-Year-Old Self to Buy Three Copies