The Harry Potter Story You’ve Been Waiting For

Courtesy of nobody, and soon to be removed: Harry and Oliver.

Less than three months to go until the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! Those of you who, like us, have been itching for some fresh wizard action may get more than you bargained for from the world of doujinshi — fan-drawn manga, often of the illicit-love variety. A mention on the comics blog Journalista! today directed us to the scanned cover and artwork from Captain Wood, a fairly tame, quite adorable, anonymously written love story between Harry Potter and his strapping Quidditch captain, Oliver Wood.

Sadly, it’s untranslated, so you’ll have to imagine the coos and whispers the young wizards share as they ride together atop a single Nimbus 2000. Check it out now, before the Scholastic police find it and take it down!

More Captain Wood [scans_daily]

The Harry Potter Story You’ve Been Waiting For