The ‘Veronica Mars’ Encyclopedia: Giving Ronnie the Spock Send-off

Veronica MarsCourtesy of CW

Your glossary to the plentiful pop-culture references on last night’s episode of Veronica Mars.

Cruising Origin: Searching for some hot man-on-man action. Usage: When Veronica mistakenly believes he’s being cruised, Wallace asks which bandanna means he’s “straight, but flattered, and nonjudgmental.” We question the heterosexuality of any 19-year-old guy who can reference gay hanky codes that quickly. (That said, it’s a blue anchor on a madras crosshatch worn inside out of the left pocket.)

Mission to Mars Origin: NASA-based Disneyland ride. Usage: The e-mail that contained the sex clip of Piz and Veronica was called “Emission to Mars.” Ha! Why are all the funny guys always married, gay, or making misogynist porn?

Martha Stewart Origin: Homemaking maven/prison bitch. Usage: When being questioned about his workman’s-comp claim, the adjuster points out that Weevil did some time in prison. Weevil’s response: “So did Martha Stewart.” Fair enough. But, Weevil, have you ever made a deviled egg so good it brings your grandmother to tears? We didn’t think so.

Rob Thomas Origin: Lead singer of Matchbox 20. Also the name of Veronica Mars’ creator. Usage: Mac mentions that there is going to be a Matchbox 20 reunion tour, and Piz responds “Rob Thomas is a whore.” Guess he’s been watching this season after all.

John Mayer Origin: Pasty singer/”comedian”/off-and-on Jessica Simpson paramour. Usage: Piz jokes with Veronica that, as much as it kills him to quote John Mayer, her body is a wonderland. We find out later that they’ve never had sex, which makes us kind of sad. Piz, there’s a whole world out there beyond the rabbit hole!

Everlasting Gobstopper Origin: Candy inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Usage: The rich kids who framed Weevil try to bribe Veronica with the “everlasting gobstopper” of student I.D.’s. A must-have for minors who can’t get into the Wonkavator.

Niels Bohr, Sylvia Plath, Leonardo Fibonacci, Honus Wagner: Origin: Nobel prize winner, suicidal poet, mathematician, and world-great baseball player. Usage: The names used on the faked student I.D.’s. We’ll give them Fibonacci, but no bouncer has ever heard of Sylvia Plath? Did Gwyneth struggle for nothing?

Weebles Origin: Pear-shaped Playskool toys that “wobble but don’t fall down.” Usage: When Veronica first sees Weevil — and his limp — in prison, she exclaims “Weevil, you’re wobbling!” Yeah, Francis Capra, maybe it’s those extra twenty pounds you’ve gained…

Wrath of Kahn Origin: Second Star Trek movie. Usage: Mac compares Veronica’s tenacity to Shatner’s in Wrath of Kahn. Veronica makes a Revenge of the Nerds joke in response. What other show has girls making nerd jokes? Oh, Ronnie, we’ll miss you more than Kirk missed Spock. —Marlena Bittner

The ‘Veronica Mars’ Encyclopedia: Giving Ronnie the Spock Send-off