The ‘Veronica Mars’ Encyclopedia: Waiting for Oprah to Tear Us a New One

Courtesy of the CW

Your glossary to the plentiful pop-culture references on last night’s episode of Veronica Mars.

Googling Origin: A practice that could prevent you from dating. Usage: Parker tells Logan that “he didn’t survive the Googling” when he asks if her parents liked him. Google “Logan Echolls” and there’s a lot to choose from: the murderous father, the organizing of bum fights, and, of course, the accusations of homicide. That said, we’d bet it was all the homoerotic Duncan-Logan fanfic that doomed him.

Groundhog Day Origin: Classic Bill Murray flick about déja vù and squirrelly marmots. Usage: Über-nerds Mac and Max have spent so many days lost in the “sex, nap, eat, repeat” cycle that Mac jokes it’s like a naughty version of the movie, which Max quickly renames Poundhog Day. Two things about that joke: Ha! Also: Ew!

Survivor Origin: Massively popular way to watch attractive people live without food, makeup. Usage: Apollo compares his experiences as a Ugandan child soldier to the CBS show. Isn’t that just like when Milosevic ripped his genocide idea off CSI: Miami?

Pitchfork Origin: Travis Morrison’s favorite influential music Website. Usage: Piz is offered a job with Pitchfork. We know Piz has that whole radio-show thing, but doesn’t something about him just scream, “Seriously, listen to this Bob Denver song again, but this time try to really hear it”?

Invisible Children Origin: A real organization set up to bring awareness and relief to Ugandan child soldiers. Usage: Referenced many times throughout the episode, the organization ties in with the Apollo storyline — and the real-life pet project of Ryan Hansen, who portrays the lovably skanky Dick Casablancas. Who knew there was a softer side to Dick?

“Oprah May Tear Apollo a New One” Origin: Reference to Oprah’s on-air evisceration of James Frey. Usage: Veronica says this once she’s (wrongly) convinced that Apollo lied about being a child soldier in Africa. We swear we got through this scene without the use of Novocaine.

Grand Theft Auto Origin: Notorious video game that gives points for car-jacking, sexing whores, and hunting Cubans. Usage: When Veronica interviews Apollo, he’s playing the game and, worried about his image, asks her not to mention it in her article. Probably wise there, ‘Pollo. We’ve seen your score. —Marlena Bittner

The ‘Veronica Mars’ Encyclopedia: Waiting for Oprah to Tear Us a New One