Tyrade!: ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Gets Phototastic!

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Don’t have time to go to business school? That’s okay. Tyra’s here, baby, and every week she’ll share nuggets of wisdom about how to succeed in your career, as well as in that game we call life.

Today’s lesson: The best employees are the ones who have jobs.
“You’ve taken some of the most beautiful photos, but this week not one of those clients said they would book you. All the pretty pictures in the world are great, but if you don’t get hired, you don’t exist.” —Tyra Banks

Last night Tyra flexed her picture-taking muscles, leading the girls in a sunrise photo shoot on the beach. Thankfully, Jay Manuel was on hand to say, “Remember, she’s a very experienced photographer.” Lady T talked accessories, gave Dionne face-tilting directions so we wouldn’t have to look up her nose, and exclaimed, “I made a peepee, Mommy!” after emerging from the ocean with wet jeans. That’s Tyra — always keepin’ it real.

But at the judges’ table, Tyra’s advanced camera-clicking skills had little to do with who went home. In the episode’s Banks-free first half, the girls went on go-sees, which are a little like job interviews except there’s a lot of walking around in swimwear. Brittany, who appeared somewhat tipsy during her runway walk, failed to catch a single designer’s eye. Plus, she was disqualified from the challenge for returning late and crying. But Natasha wasn’t having the drama — which leads us to the episode’s bonus lesson:

“I just want to tell you that some people have war in their countries.” —Natasha, in response to Brittany’s crying about how unfair it was that her cab driver didn’t follow the instructions she never gave himLindsey Thomas

Tyrade!: ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Gets Phototastic!