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Ben Folds Puts on His Captain’s Hat

Ben Folds, cruise directorPhoto: Getty Images

Billboard reports that acerbic songwriter/piano jockey Ben Folds is sponsoring a cruise this coming February, semi-ridiculously called “The Ben Folds Experience.” (As in, “Come on, baby, ride the Ben Folds Experience! It’s 893 feet long!”) The cruise will leave from Miami on February 21 and makes a stop in Jamaica. Guests will be treated to concerts by Folds and by other bands and comedians he picks to accompany him. The cynical, 32-year-old hipster part of us wants to scoff at this spring break for the sensitive and uncool, but secretly we kind of think that we would love to go on this cruise — and that we would sing along with every word of every song, even when he inevitably kicks off his first show with the theme to The Love Boat.

Sure, maybe the revelry will get a little drunk and out of control, but could it really be worse than at Folds’s appearance with the Boston Pops?

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Ben Folds Puts on His Captain’s Hat