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‘Wedding Crashers’: I Now Pronounce You Stupid

Courtesy of NBC

It’s the day you’ve always dreamed of: a creamy-white gown, hundreds of grinning guests, an enormous, velvety cake, dancing like crazy to “Shout” … and Ashton Kutcher ruining the whole thing on national TV. Mr. Demi Moore’s new NBC venture, The Real Wedding Crashers, rips off the prank formula of his hit show Punk’d, only this time the couples are in on the joke, helping the cast torment their wedding guests with dropped cakes and forgetful priests. The newlyweds are rewarded with a free honeymoon for their televised vows, but Kutcher’s pedestrian pranks have left most critics saying, “I don’t.”
Kate Spencer

Rant:The Real Wedding Crashers is an HD broadcast: Hugely Dumb … It isn’t worth the effort it takes to be appalled, but it is worth the effort it takes to locate the clicker and fire off some of those magical channel-changing rays. Even if you have to change the batteries.”
Tom Shales, Washington Post

And … another rant: “About as much fun as going to your Uncle Fred’s fifth wedding to a fat phone sex operator.” —Linda Stasi, New York Post

‘Wedding Crashers’: I Now Pronounce You Stupid