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Week in Review: Vulture Has Only Two Speeds, ‘Walk’ and ‘Kill’

Looking back on a week in which we revealed that we don’t have a chin under our beard, we have another fist:

Facts About Chuck Norris wasn’t the only book making a deal this week! An advice columnist may be making $4 million for hers. Josh Ferris sold his novel to HBO. And one lucky Denver Post reporter had sex with his (lucky?) wife for 100 straight days.

The American Girl movie auditions: video of the cattle call, and an interview with one little girl who may make it all the way.

We flooded the zone on the TV upfronts, reporting on the new schedules of Fox, the CW, ABC, and NBC. CBS wasn’t worth the trouble, but we did thank them for renewing How I Met Your Mother.

DRM: Totally worth geeking out about.

Michael Jackson: Totally worth smuggling in a camera to film.

Andy Warhol: Totally worth $71.72 million.

But who was that mysterious bearded collector at the Rothko sale? And why did we feel the need to devote a tag to him?

Did you miss the shows by Arctic Monkeys, Spank Rock and Ghostface Killer, LCD Soundsystem, or the Polyphonic Spree? How about the 24-hour rapathon? Oh well, at least you can ride the Ben Folds Experience on the high seas.

What did we think about the Tony nominations? What did theater bloggers think about the Tony nominations? But most importantly, what did the Tony nominees think about Tony Soprano?

Week in Review: Vulture Has Only Two Speeds, ‘Walk’ and ‘Kill’