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Which Villains Will Overstuff ‘Spider-Man 4’?

The Black CatCourtesy of Marvel Comics

The blog FreezeDriedMovies claims to have inside information on which villains will menace Tobey Maguire (or whoever) in Sam Raimi’s (or whoever’s) Spider-Man 4. The blog, which was the first to get the news that the black goo from space would play a major role in the third film, says that Marvel and Sony have decided to pit Spidey against Carnage — another symbiote-enhanced villain — and the Lizard. We buy the latter but certainly don’t buy the former; while the estimable Dylan Baker has made appearances in all three films as Dr. Curt Conner, the man who eventually turns into the Lizard, we find it hard to believe that audiences are clamoring for yet another symbiote-inspired story line.

Of real import to nerds everywhere: FreezeDriedMovies insists that the filmmakers are also planning an appearance by much-loved bad girl Black Cat, who in the comics world dated Spidey for a few spicy years. Though we, like any Spider-fan, would be excited to see these characters on the big screen, wouldn’t you hope that Marvel and Sony would go back to making one villain the focus of each story, as opposed to the Batman Forever–style multi-megavillainy that rendered Spider-Man 3 so incoherent?

Spider-Man 4 Villains Revealed … Already?! [FreezeDriedMovies]

Which Villains Will Overstuff ‘Spider-Man 4’?