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America, You’ve Let Bon Jovi Down

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“Bon Jovi was not digging it at all.” —American Idol music coach Michael Orland, who witnessed the singer’s response to Blake Lewis’s beat-boxing “You Give Love a Bad Name” [EW]

“I’m a sports fan, and it’s a unique sporting event. And you get to wear a hat and hold a mint julep!” — MTV V.J. Vanessa Minnillo, on the Kentucky Derby [People]

“You know that Bob Seger song, ‘Her Strut’? About how she’s controversial, but they love to watch her strut? And her butt? I was listening to an interview with him years after the song came out, and he admitted that I was the inspiration for it. It made me so happy.” – Jane Fonda [LA Weekly]

“I saw California beach sand, Mojave desert sand. We ended up picking Arizona sand because it looks exactly like ground corncobs … When you bury people alive in hundreds and hundreds of pounds of sand, they’ll be squished. You need something lightweight like corncobs, so air can get through and the actors and stuntmen won’t be crushed.” –Spider-Man director Sam Raimi, who considered twelve different kinds of sand in determining what the Sandman should be made of [IMDB]

“Who’s to say that these women in videos are ho’s? They are classy women, and if you really try to mack to them, they’ll tell you, ‘Well, I have a man’ or ‘I’m not into that’ or ‘I don’t do that.’” –Video vixen defender Snoop Dogg, who sounds like he’s tried [MTV]
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America, You’ve Let Bon Jovi Down