Prince Makes Sweet Love to His Guitar

Le petit Prince.Photo: Getty Images

The latest MP3s to hit the blogs.

1. Prince, “Guitar”
Having already bedded more women than he’d care to discuss, Prince has apparently decided to start sleeping with his Telecaster. [Back to Music]

2. The Walkmen, “Lemon Hill”
As if being indirectly responsible for Sum 41 weren’t bad enough, now the Beastie Boys are inspiring other bands to record rock instrumentals. [Music Slut]

3. Beck, “Pink Moon” (Nick Drake cover)
After several years of hard work, Beck’s finally figured out the chords to that song from the Volkswagen commercial. [SatisfiedMind614]

4. T.I., Rap City freestyle
He’s clearly lost his mind, but T.I. can still spit a verse. [Nah Right]

5. Kelly Clarkson, “One Minute”
Far be it from us to disagree with 900-year-old, tin-eared Clive Davis, but this song is actually pretty good. [Fluxblog]
—Lane Brown

Prince Makes Sweet Love to His Guitar